Provider Credentialing and Contracting Service & Tool

Are you a new practice looking for assistance with Credentialing and Contracting with all the major Insurance Plans? Or, are you an existing practice looking for additional Insurance Credentialing & Contracting advice and expertise?

Credentialing and Contracting is a tedious process, that needs an expert’s touch, to navigate through the vast healthcare landscape, as each payer has its own rules and requirements. Well, look no further, MedBillingStar’s new Credentialing Process Management Tool, is the solution that your practice has been waiting for!

Stay on track with MBS’s Credentialing Status Auto-reminders, for both Re-credentialing and Re-validation.

Then you need to speak with MedBillingStar’s experienced Provider Credentialing & Contracting Director. She has over 12years in this area of healthcare and has a proven track record with more than 400 providers and a team of experts on staff. Click here to schedule a call,

MedBillingStar’s Provider Credentialing & Contracting team of experts can help you with:

  • Provider Credentialing & Contracting - MDs, PAs, DOs, DCs, PTs, FNPs, and Optometrists
  • Facility Credentialing & Contracting - Practice Facility, Surgical Centers, MRI Clinics, DMEs, etc.
  • Medicare Initial Applications - 855B, 855I and 855S
  • Medicare - CMS 460 and CMS 588
  • Medicare Revalidation/Reactivation - 855B, 855I and 855S
  • Medicare Revalidation/Reactivation - CMS 460 and CMS 588
  • Medicaid/Medi-Cal Individual Enrollment
  • Medicaid/Medi-Cal Group Enrollment
  • Medicaid/Medi-Cal Re-enrollment
  • Address Change and Tax ID Change
  • Adding Location and Tax ID
  • Adding Provider(s) to Initial Contract
  • Hospital Application of privileges
  • Annual Credentialing & Contracting Maintenance

See how MBS’s Credentialing Tracking Tool can help your practice:

No more phone calls or long hold times, to check your’ providers Credentialing status. With MBS’s Credentialing Tracking Tool, it is only a click away!

MedBillingStar’s Credentialing Status Tool will also help you with the following

  • Credentialing Progress Percentage - Insurance-wise
  • Access to Enrollment Forms and other paperwork.
  • Access to Fee Schedule & Contracts
  • Email/Phone notification to remind on Revalidation/Re-credentialing
  • Discussion notes with Reference#
  • Tasking and Ticketing to communicate with the expert resources
  • Email notification/reminder on Revalidation/Recredentialing

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