Would you like to know how MedBillingStar has resolved Billing & Collection challenges that Urgent Care offices are encountering? Please see below our solutions for Top 5 challenges...

MedBillingStar’s Urgent Care Certified Coders and Billers, combined with a robust software technology have proven solutions for every challenge, that your Urgent Care office may face.

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1. E&M/CPT/ICD10 Documentation Education for Providers:

MedBillingStar utilizes a strategic approach with all Providers when it comes to documentation education. The following are some of the ways in which we deliver education and feedback to our current clients:

  • Provide a Baseline Audit to identify any documentation deficiencies.
  • Once identified, we provide an action plan for education and compliant resolve
  • We use a variety of interventions, including -
    • Live Education Sessions - For small groups or One-on-One.
    • Online Meetings - We focus on one provider and their charts or Work with a group and provide focused education.
  • Email without utilizing phi - For immediate resolve during the claims process.
  • Continued Auditing and Education - On E&M/CPT (Procedures/ICD-10) and Medical Necessity Guidelines.
  • Chronic Care Documentation which reflects Acuity, Risk and Medical Decision making
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement - CDI

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2. AnalyticsStar:

Many Urgent Care Centers are having a hard time measuring the productivity of every provider, every location and every procedure.

AnalyticsStar is a one-stop solution for Urgent Care Centers like yours, to measure your productivity through 15 different KPI Reports. Here are a few of them,

  1. Provider Productivity Analysis with Comparison Chart
  2. Location Productivity Analysis with Comparison Chart
  3. Procedure Productivity Analysis with Comparison Chart
  4. Comparative Fee Schedule Analysis - to identify underpaid Contracts
  5. +14 other KPI Reports

3. Workers Compensation:

Is your current biller still faxing the Medical Records to the employer, resulting in delayed reimbursement?

Not to worry anymore, MedBillingStar has heard you.

What if we told you that the WC Claims can be transferred along with Medical Records electronically to Employers within 48 hours and get acknowledgment from the Employer?

MedBillingStar’s has a robust “ WCCM - Workers Compensation Claims Management” tool to manage Workers Compensation claims way better.

How great would it be to minimize the time you currently spend on those types of claims, now you can actually take a lunch break!

4. Global Contracts/ S Codes:

MedBillingStar reviews all the Insurance Contracts that are signed by Urgent Care Centers that use Global Contracts, billed using S Codes, to see which receives higher reimbursement from the Commercial Insurances/Payers

MedBillingStar’s Urgent Care Coders & Billers have a unique workflow to Code, Bill, Post Payments, and Adjust exclusively for Global/S Code Contracts.

5. Establishing Financial Processes:

MedBillingStar trains and educates Urgent Care Center’s Front Desk team on Co-pays, Co-insurances, Deductibles, and prior balances

MedBillingStar establishes a financial process with the front desk team to collect Co-pays and Deductibles upfront.

MedBillingStar keeps track on Patient Upfront Payments and guides the Front Desk Team if any upfront payments weren’t collected.

6. Bad Insurance Contracts

Having a bad contract is just as bad as not having a contract at all.

Annual Fee Schedule Analysis: MedBillingStar’s RCM Analytics Tool, AnalyticsStar can help in identifying the underpaid contract by comparing the fee schedule of every insurance contract that your Urgent Care Center currently has.

MedBillingStar can help you in renegotiating the underpaid contract. Asking for an incremental Consumer Price Index (CPI) to obtain higher reimbursements from a payer.

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