The company originally began as an Accounting and Taxation company for Doctors in 1999. We had a great opportunity to work at our doctors’ office, which helped us to understand the effort behind every patient care and associated claim reimbursement..

The doctors we worked with, encouraged our leadership to understand more about the specifics in Medical Coding, Billing, Auditing and Revenue Cycle Management. As we delved further into things, we looked to how we could better assist our clients and make a difference, from other Medical Billing and Coding, RCM companies..














FAQs that our Clients have asked prior to signing up with our service.
How many days prior to DOS you verify Patient Eligibility?

We verify Patient Eligibility and Benefits two days prior to DOS.

How do you communicate the obtained Eligibility info with our office staff?

We update your Patients Eligibility, Benefits verification and past balance directly into your EMR/EHR/PM and set an alert, so that no one in your office misses the vital information needed to inform and educate the patients at the time of visit.

How does our office staff communicate with your team, if they have any questions?

Your staff can communicate with our staff via the HIPAA compliant messaging system that every EMR/EHR/PM has. Your staff can also call our staff through the dedicated phone number.

Do you have certified coders?

Yes, we have AAPC/AHIMA Certified Specialty Specific Coders to assist you with CPTs, ICD-10s and Modifiers based on LCD and NCD.

Do you make changes to the CPT levels if the Clinical Documentation does not have sufficient documentation that supports medical necessity?

No, we will not make any changes to the CPT levels. We may query the provider for clarification, if we need to. We will have our Certified Clinical Documentation Specialists to educate the doctors on Clinical Documentation guidelines set by CMS and we can also help with setting up documentation template for the procedures.

Do you audit charts to verify codes, if yes how many charts you audit?

Yes, we do audit 100% of charts to ensure accuracy and proper DX mapping.

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